Food Consumer Research and Sensory Testing, is about much more than the ‘What’

The What may be product performance relative to the competition, existing or NPD samples: What packaging, branding or presentation is preferred by the consumer. What are the consumer’s key satisfaction or purchase criteria. What do consumers like or dislike about a product.

Getting to What is the easy bit! The Why and How are more difficult!

Why do consumers like (or dislike) a product? The taste, texture? Is it the packaging, branding or even the colours? Why means accurately interpreting consumer and sensory feedback and
identifying ways products can be enhance, changed, improved and made more appealing.

Which leads to the HOW?

How can the product or packaging be enhanced or improved. How can the product be made more innovative and appealing. How can the taste, texture or sensory characteristics or specifications be improved. This is where our extensive food technology expertise comes into play.

Innovate Solutions is unique in having Food Production, NPD and Food Technology expertise in over 50 consumer food categories and technologies plus Consumer Research and Sensory Testing expertise. With over 13,000 registered consumers for online, central location and home usage trials we address not only the WHAT but also the WHY and the HOW.

The Who, What, Why, and the How: It’s what we do!

The WHO? Our clients, brands and consumers of course!

Translating What and Why into How and into practical solutions for our clients!

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The what, the why & the how?

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Food Consumer Research and Sensory Assessment

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